Monday, January 2, 2017

Martin Scorsese recently described how Hollywood is no longer producing movies with good stories.

In order to understand this phenomenon we have to take a critical look at the writers. They tend to be very liberal, and they tend to think that they can make the world a better place with their ideas. However, it is their methodology which must be examined. The problems experienced by Hollywood are the same as those experienced in the music industry and other arts. People don't know how to tell a good story, because the good stories are ones that are based on some kernel of truth, and touch our lives. The folks writing the stories and the music, have incorporated political dogma and garbage disguised as behavioral science. and use these questionable sources as a foundation for their storytelling. The end result is something that older generations don't understand, and is acceptable to younger audiences because it has lots of special effects; but in reality it's just a mess.