Saturday, January 28, 2017


I've said it many times before, the US economy is headed to a severe downturn or recession. There are a number of reasons for this, but ultimately it boils down to consumer choices and spending patterns. The biggest problem the US voter faces is the rate of inflation, it is completely out of control and constantly rising. Basis economics tells us that the greater supply of a recourse, the less value it will hold. For example, gold is expensive because it's hard to find and difficult to mine. However, if every stream and river were filled with gold, then gold would become worthless. The same rules apply to money; the greater the supply of money, the less value it has. With a weakened dollar, prices will appear to rise. The Federal Reserve went on a money printing spree called Quantitative Easing after the 2008 recession, in the vain hopes that it would spur economic growth. Their scheme failed

This CNN article attempts to paint a rosy picture of the economy and it's very sluggish growth; however, the article's author as well as many economists failed to account for the underlying factors that have resulted in the current situation.

Continuing the discussion of supply and demand. The amount of printed US currency is currently estimated to be about $1.5 Trillion by the Federal Reserve, but the amount of total us debt is about $47 Trillion. Of that $47Trillion in debt, $19 Trillion is US government debt, $14.6 household debt, and $13.4Trillion was business debt. Of the $14.6Trillion household debt, $1.2Trillion was due to student loans. What do all these giant numbers mean? The amount of debt is money that has already been spent and must be paid back. Let's consider, the greater the supply of money the less it's value. Therefore, if taken to it's logical conclusion, the amount of debt is also adding to the rate of inflation. People are beginning to ask why the cost of higher education has risen so quickly over the past twenty years. The answer lies in plain sight: the Student Loan programs are a guaranteed source of revenue for schools. Colleges can keep raising their prices because they are certain that their customers (students) can borrow the money and pay the costs. The medical care industry is operating in the same manner. Hospitals and doctors can keep raising prices because someone: the patient, insurance, Medicare, or some other program will eventually pay.

The US economy will continue to be sluggish, right up to the point that it begins fall into a recession. Regardless of who won the election, these problems will not go away without an extended period of economic deflation that will correct the many imbalances in the economy.

Wednesday, January 25, 2017


This should have been the top headline in every news website; instead they put all their focus on the comings and goings of Donald Trump. CNN did not even bother mentioning this on their website! The Dow Jones Industrial is supposed to represent the condition of the US economy, but any direct correlation between the two disappeared long ago. The US economy has been a shambles for over a decade, yet the Dow Jones has continued to rise at a rapid pace. This can only mean one thing: the growth of the Dow Jones is based on inflation, false fantasy, investor excitement, and smoke and mirrors. It’s a bubble, and like every bubble, when overinflated it will burst. At the risk of sounding like Jim Cramer, my only advice to anyone owning stocks, RIGHT NOW IS THE TIME TO SELL, SELL, SELL!!!! Get out of the Market, before the bubble bursts!!!

Sunday, January 22, 2017


Its been a long and difficult day, our family restaurant was very busy. Running around a busy kitchen is for young folks. I think I have a few more good years left in me, and then I'll have to give serious thought to doing something else.

Saturday, January 21, 2017


I hope everyone liked my previous post. It was a bit rushed and light on technical jargon, but I think it hit all the important points in regards to the giant derivative market. The grand research paper I'm working on is still in process, I want to make sure that one is 100% when I send it to formal publishers. In the meantime, we can entertain ourselves by watching videos of the Trump Inauguration and the accompanying protests and riots. I don't care who you voted for or currently support. Regardless of who won the election, the Global Elite are still in power, and the US economy is still headed for an extended period of deflation.

Friday, January 20, 2017


The next economic recession will be like no other in history. It will be much worse than the Great Recession of 2007, and it may be worse than the Great Depression of the 1930's. How was this conclusion reached? The amount of monetary inflation in the economy is beyond belief; it has become a super-sized bubble waiting to burst. When the inflation bubble finally bursts, the Federal Reserve will scramble to find enough cash to keep the banking system "liquid". During the 2007 Recession, Congress stepped in and put hundreds of billions of dollars in to the system in order to keep it moving. Basically, taxpayer money was used to prop up privately owned businesses. The taxpayers will never see that money again; it has disappeared into the TARP program. Over the past ten years, the Federal Reserve has pushed Trillions of dollars into the economy hoping it would stimulate a bit of economic growth. Their plan failed.

In his book "The Road to Ruin", author James Rickards discusses several facets of the financial markets, the Treasury Department, and the Federal Reserve. The author spent many years working on Wall Street, specifically in hedge funds, and thus acquired inside knowledge of the derivative market. Derivatives are a best described literally as a form of financial gambling. The system can be explained using football terminology which is familiar to everyone. Company A bets Company B that the Redskins will beat the Cowboys next week. They agree to make a bet worth billions, using margin accounts and being financed by large banks. However, in order to hedge their bet, Company A makes another bet with Company C that the Cowboys will score at least one touchdown, thus protecting themselves in case the Redskins lose. But, Company B also wants to hedge their bet, so they make a bet with Company D that the Redskins will score at least one touchdown. And Company C hedges against their bet with Company A, with Company E, and it goes on and on with all the above named companies. All of these bets are worth billions, all are on margin, and all are financed by the same big banks. If just one of these companies defaults on their bets, and has their margin called, the entire system will collapse. The hedge fund companies will scramble to borrow money in order to satisfy their margin requirements, and the banks will scramble to find enough capital to keep operating while billions of dollars’ worth of unpaid hedge funds debt starts piling up. The derivative market is currently valued at over $100Trillion dollars, if that would suddenly collapse the results would be catastrophic. During the recession of 2007, the system almost collapsed. Wall Street had invested billions of dollars into mortgage derivatives, and as soon as the mortgage industry started taking losses from homeowners that defaulted on their mortgages, the Federal Government was forced to take action to keep the system from collapsing. This time however, the derivative market has grown even larger, and the Government does not have enough money to mount a rescue attempt.

Moving beyond the financial markets, the banks will be in terrible jeopardy. The Federal Reserve will not be able to lend the banks the Trillions of dollars needed to keep them afloat. Therefore, the banks will take whatever cash they can find. Money in bank deposits accounts, 401k and IRA accounts, investment accounts, or any other type of account will be confiscated by the banking system with the full support of the US government. In the January-February issue of "Foreign Affairs" magazine, Timothy Geithner the former Secretary of the US Treasury and former governor of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York uses language that reconciles to the exact terminology used by author James Rickards. Secretary Geithner describes how the Federal Government and the banking system led by the Federal Reserve have been given the authority to take drastic action during the next financial crises. That drastic action will be to take the public's hard earned money, and use it to save the sharks on Wall Street from their own stupidity.

Friday, January 13, 2017


While writing this lengthy research document on the future of money, I've been looking at books and materials I haven't touched since grad school. Most of my information is historical in nature, thus it can be found in books at the local bookstores. Over the years I've acquired a great many books on business, finance, and economics, and I've read through most of them. Some of the books written by the great economists of the past are a bit difficult to read, a lot of complex theories coupled with archaic language. John Maynard Keynes included a great many formulas and statistical equations within his crowning achievement "The General Theory of Employment, Interest and Money". I'm not a mathematician nor am I a trained economist; however, I know enough to be dangerous and to keep up with a conversation.

Thursday, January 12, 2017


I've decided to write the "money" post in MS Word, and include all the nuances of a proper research paper. When it's complete, I'm going to try to get it published in a scholarly journal. However, it will be posted here on the blog first. So stay tuned, because it will be awesome!


I'm still working on the post concerning safe money. It will be a long post, but it will be a very informative read.

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Busy, Busy, Busy

I haven't posted anything in a couple of days, weekends are a very tough time for me to get anything done. But don't worry, keep following and by Monday or Tuesday I should be posting some very informative articles. Until then, farewell and stay safe.

Friday, January 6, 2017


It is a very sad day for the nation when a highly respected scientist quits in disgust over the politically motivated debate over climate change. Is the climate changing? Yes, it's been changing on a regular basis for the past several billion years.

The issue has become complex because the Global Elite have decided to take advantage of the situation. Several treaties crafted within the United Nations and G20 group of nations, use climate change as a cover to impose tyrannical financial controls over participating nations. The US government, and others, are awaiting the next economic recession to begin implementing new taxes, monetary controls, and limitation on the sale and purchase of financial assets, all within the framework of making the world a better place. How can the Elites in Washington DC, London, Paris, Frankfurt, and Davos, believe that such hypocrisy will benefit anyone besides themselves?

Perhaps this scientist made the wrong decision in resigning. Perhaps she should have stayed and fought the mindless groupthink that has taken over academia. Perhaps every one of us should also join in the fight against this mass brainwashing of the public, and proclaim to the Global Elite, that we will not surrender ourselves to their manipulation.

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How safe is your money? Not as safe as you think!

The Global Elite, working with the banks and governments of the world, have conspired to deceive the public. A frightening look at the future of finance and money will be published Tuesday evening.

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Thursday, January 5, 2017


It is true that I rarely ever talk sports, I just don't care to discuss athletics most of the time; however, I am a bit of a boxing aficionado, so I will write about it. There is always debate about who is the best athlete, or who is the best boxer, or who would have beaten who. There are more opinions than there are boxers, nonetheless, there are some fighters whose story and legendary abilities have withstood the test of time. 

The first question. Why Heavyweights? Because the heavyweight champion is supposed to represent the absolute best the division has to offer, and there is a more subtle reason. Boxers in the heavyweight division are built larger, sometimes much larger, than any other weight class.They should possess greater strength, punching power, and ability to withstand punches thrown by other large sized men, more so than any member of the lighter weight divisions. This is the reason why boxing, and other contact sports, are divided into weight classes. 

When facing a heavyweight, smaller athletes will be quickly overwhelmed under normal circumstances. This was proven a number of times throughout the Twentieth Century. Legendary fighters such as Light Heavyweight champions Archie Moore and Bob Foster, and the incredibly brave Welterweight Mickey Walker, all failed against quality Heavyweights. In today's era, boxers of different weight classes rarely ever move up and try to challenge the "big boys" of boxing, although there have been a few exceptions. 

There are many great Heavyweight boxers that have earned the title "Champion". In today's era, with multiple organizations awarding sometimes worthless belts, it is difficult to separate one from the next; however, quality boxers will stand out and make their mark. With the rise of the giant sized boxers like the Klitschko brothers, the division has lost much of it's luster and popularity in the past fifteen years. There is too much disparity in size between some the boxers: however, good skills, determination, and heart, are still qualities which can lead an aspiring boxer to stardom.

So which qualities does a Heavyweight Champion need to make it to the All Time Best list? The simple answer is they must have scored consistent victories over other quality boxers, and defended the title while doing so. Below are my choices, you may disagree with them, but I don't mind.

10. Rocky Marciano

There will be debate about this one, after all, until recently Rocky was the only champion to retire undefeated. Rocky was a short, stocky, incredibly tough man, with a solid chin, that never got tired or tried to clinch. He was also slow moving, prone to cuts, and had short arms. He was almost a pure puncher, his short arms and slow legs did not allow for flashy boxing moves; but when he connected, it hurt! Rocky looked a bit small for a Heavyweight, he normally weighed in at about 195 pounds, but in person he didn't look so small. The reason for his light weight was that he trained himself fanatically, that's also the reason he never tired in ring. However, all things being considered, he would have some difficulty with fighters of the modern era. Fighters today tend to be much larger than the boxers of Rocky's era. It would be a bit much to expect Rocky at 195 pounds to be effective against someone like a Klitshcko that weighs a slim 260 pounds and is more than a foot taller.

9. Evander Holyfieled
What was Holyfield's greatest attribute? His heart. How would his opponents describe him? Tough. He did not begin his boxing career as a Heavyweight. He started out at Cruiserweight, and moved up, beyond his natural weight, to defeat some of the biggest names in the Heavyweight division. He fought them all, and in his prime he defeated them all. He had effective punching power, good skills, a steel chin, and a huge heart, the perfect combination that kept him competitive far past his prime. At his best, he was a match for just about anybody.

8. Lennox Lewis
At 6'5" and 260 pounds, Lennox Lewis is a true representative of a modern heavyweight. His shear physical size alone makes him tower over some of the great heavyweights of earlier times. A solid boxer, with tremendous power in his right hand, he dominated most of his fights. He was perhaps not as well prepared for some of his fights, thus he acquired losses, all of which he would eventually avenge. But when he was focused, he was awesome.

7. Sonny Liston
This was the true bad boy of boxing. His early life was not at all promising. The son of a very abusive sharecropper, he eventually got involved with gang activity, and served time in prison for various criminal activities. While in prison he found a mentor that taught him the fundamentals of boxing, and the rest is history. After leaving prison he quickly rose through the ranks and became champion with a First round KO of champion Floyd Patterson. He was a big, strong man, with a mean, angry look that terrified his opponents. He was completely dominant in his fights, until he ran into a much younger, and faster, Cassius Clay. Some have suggested that Liston was pressured by criminal elements to throw his fights against the young Muhammad Ali.  Regardless of what happened in the Ali fight, by that time in his life he was visibly ageing, and was beginning to lose his physical prowess.

6. Jack Johnson
The first black man to hold the Heavyweight title, Jack Johnson boxed at the very beginning of the Twentieth Century. At six feet tall, and weighing just over 200 pounds, he was considered a giant for his era. A clever defensive tactician, he toyed with his opponents, wearing them out over many rounds. Some of his fights lasted beyond 20 rounds, as was common at the time, yet he retained enough strength and stamina to score knockouts in later rounds. Johnson confounded his opponents and the public with his cagey techniques, and added to his legacy with his scandalous behavior outside the ring. The world had never seen a man such as Jack Johnson, and many of the early sports writers declared him the greatest heavyweight of them all; however, his style would be considered too boring for today's televised fights.

5. Joe Frazier
"Smokin" Joe Frazier had what is known as the "Philadelphia left hook", a big heart, the tenacity of a pitbull, and a unbeatable determination to win. Joe liked to move fast, attack the body, and wear down his opponents with his left hook. He used his determination, and his left hook, to score decisive victories against many of the great heavyweights of his era. His series of fights with Ali have gone down in history as some of the greatest fights of all time.

4. Larry Holmes
Larry Holmes had the misfortune of being champion right after the great Ali, and is always compared to his predecessor. He had the best left jab of any heavyweight, perhaps the greatest left jab in the history of the sport, and he used that left jab to do great things. His left jab was coupled by a steel chin, excellent boxing skills, and a decent right hand. He defeated all comers, and was unbeaten in his prime.

3. George Foreman
Here's a man that literally smashed the opposition, in his younger days, and would score a knockout victory over a man half his age to become champion for the second time at the age of 45. George Foreman was perhaps the hardest punching heavyweight in history, he had frightening power in both hands. Add an angry demeanor to his impressive physical appearance, and he became truly formidable. His record includes knockouts and victories over a long list of great opponent, from two very different boxing eras.

2. Muhammad Ali
Let's make one thing clear, when we are discussing the great Ali, we are talking about the man that was at his very best during the mid-1960's.The man that fought so many heroic battles during the 1970's pales in comparison to his younger self. Great fighters, such as Joe Frazier and Ken Norton that scored victories over the ageing Ali, would not have gotten anywhere near the younger version. His speed and reflexes were unmatched by any heavyweight, before or since. Nobody could move and dodge punches like Ali. He wasn't a hard puncher, but he hit hard enough and often enough to add knockouts to his record. Perhaps his greatest contribution to the sport came outside the ring, where he was boxing's greatest showman, spokesman, and brought a certain flair and panache to the sport that can never be equaled.

1. Joe Louis
Joe Louis "The Brown Bomber" was the greatest heavyweight of them all. He was also the greatest puncher in the sport of boxing. He had dynamite in both fists, nobody could finish a man like the great Joe Louis. He had the hand speed of a much smaller man, and the power to knockout the largest of men. When Joe knocked a man out, they would stay out. Joe commanded an arsenal of weapons to choose from. In boxing mode, his left jab would open a fight up and work wonders. When he found an opening, every punch could end the fight. Coming from the old school, Joe didn't throw just one punch, he threw combinations that would smash even the toughest opponent. No other heavyweight will top his achievements, while carrying himself with the same quiet dignity of this man that was buried as a national hero in Arlington National Cemetery.

Honorable Mentions
Max Bear- The clown prince of heavyweights, his overhand right was legendary.
Jack Dempsy- The Manassa Mauler, he literally mauled the opposition
Floyd Patterson- A nice, decent man. He had great ability, but a very weak chin.

Tuesday, January 3, 2017



I had not really looked into his behavior, until I found this article. He had appeared as a whistleblower when he first made news headlines. However, after further examination, he does not appear to have behaved as a legitimate whistleblower. He took a vast quantity of NSA secrets, 1,5 million documents, about a vast number of topics, including military strategy and troop movements. The media was given access to the NSA spying program, but he gave the more important security and military information to the Russian, the Chinese, or whoever else. A legitimate whistleblower would go to Congress and the media, proclaim his love for his country, and face the music. A legitimate whistleblower does not expose military and security secrets to foreign powers, that could use those secrets to harm the nation.

Why would he do this?
There are many reasons: hatred of the government; misguided idealism; a desire to take some twisted revenge on the nation because of some imagined wrong; perhaps a desire to create chaos: or perhaps it is the long-term plan of some secretive agency to create a balance of power in some long awaited conflict.
Whatever his reason, he has done harm to the nation. The US government is looking for him, and hoping to find him. If they ever catch up to him, a speedy trial and a noose around the neck will be his just award.

Monday, January 2, 2017

Martin Scorsese recently described how Hollywood is no longer producing movies with good stories.

In order to understand this phenomenon we have to take a critical look at the writers. They tend to be very liberal, and they tend to think that they can make the world a better place with their ideas. However, it is their methodology which must be examined. The problems experienced by Hollywood are the same as those experienced in the music industry and other arts. People don't know how to tell a good story, because the good stories are ones that are based on some kernel of truth, and touch our lives. The folks writing the stories and the music, have incorporated political dogma and garbage disguised as behavioral science. and use these questionable sources as a foundation for their storytelling. The end result is something that older generations don't understand, and is acceptable to younger audiences because it has lots of special effects; but in reality it's just a mess.


My name is Chris Yiasemides, and it is my pleasure to be your host.  I started this blog because the Absolute Truth still matters in this age of confusion and chaos. Everyday we see our society being torn apart by violence, depravity, hopelessness, and strange ideas that are used to brainwash our children.

To give you some background information about me. I was born and raised in the USA, and I was taught to love this nation of my birth because of the great ideals which it represents. My family is Greek from the island of Cyprus, and we are Greek Orthodox Christians. My family is in the restaurant business, but I had the opportunity to get a good education and work in other fields of endeavor.

I do not claim to have any special wisdom, or special influence with the Divine; however, I can thank my Father for teaching me to use my own judgement, and to avoid going along blindly with everyone else. Together, we will analyze the issues of the day and see how they will affect our lives today and in the years to come. I hope to see everyone on a regular basis, and engage with you in meaningful conversations.