Friday, September 8, 2017


Let's be realistic about the situation with hurricanes, and other inclement weather. 


If you happen to be in the path of one of these things, the best thing to do is move to safety. If you can't leave, prepare to batten down the hatches, secure anything that can blow away, and find a safe spot inside your bath tub. 

Don't be a fool by acting tough or brave. 

If you have a family and children, consider their safety in everything you do. You as a parent are responsible for the safety of your children, they depend on you to do the right thing.

To all of those in harm's way, I wish you good fortune, and I hope to continue our mutual search for the Truth when this crises has passed.

Due to the terrible nature of this situation, I wish to offer a prayer for everyone's safety. 

May the Lord watch over and protect each person that finds themselves in danger. May He shelter us all in His great goodness and infinite mercy. For He is a merciful God that loves humankind, and to Him belongs all Glory, Honor, and Worship. In the name of the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit, now and forever, and unto the ages of ages. Amen.

Tuesday, August 29, 2017


I wasted 89 minutes of my life watching this stupid movie.
For anyone with even the slightest admiration of the great martial artist Bruce Lee, this movie will piss you off. His daughter, and former students and friends that knew him, have all gone on record and criticized this piece of Hollywood nonsense.

Bruce Lee is portrayed as an arrogant and thuggish bully, whose only goal is teaching his students how to properly brawl in street fights. Lee ridicules everyone, including his own students and other martial artists; has a vast paranoia bordering on psychosis; and seems incapable of logical thought. His paranoia leads him to the fight with Wong Jack Man, and he barely manages to get out alive. He later teams up with Wong to save a girl, and the two of them take down the entirety of the local Chinese criminal syndicate.

Nothing in this whole film has even the remotest connection to reality. Lee was a cultured, polite, well educated, and highly intelligent man. His students loved and respected him, and he in return respected them. He had good relations with all of his fellow martial artists, and he did NOT engage in random street fights.

Do yourself a favor and don't watch this movie.

Here is a link to Lee's Wikipedia page, for anyone interested in learning about the great master.

Saturday, August 12, 2017


The look of idiocy and stupidity.

I ask that my readers can forgive the tenor of this article. I try to keep things polite, but in this case some harsh language is required.

The recent "Unite the Right" march in Charlottseville was supposed to be a demonstration against the removal of the statue of Robert E. Lee. Many people in the South love their history and wish to honor their ancestors, that's all well and good. I am not a Southerner, nor do I care about Confederate statues, but I can understand their feelings on the matter.

HOWEVER, as we can see from the picture above,  the voice of this protest has been commandeered by idiots and thugs giving Nazi salutes, chanting Nazi hymns, and wearing t-shirts with Adolf Hitler quotes. The infamous David Duke, a former KKK leader, made an appearance and added more fuel to the fire.  I don't care what the organizers of this march had planned, the moment they allowed these Nazi loving idiots and racists to become the face of their protest, they lost any support or sympathy that people of good character may have possessed for their cause.

These idiots giving these NAZI salutes have no understanding of Hitler, Nazism, or Fascism. Hitler would have taken these idiots and used them as slave labor. The horrors Hitler unleashed on Europe are too many to list. Hitler was a monster, and anyone supporting him is an idiot. Fascism and Nazism were based on Socialist/Marxist economic ideals. The black hood wearing ANITFA thugs that espouse Communism have closely related ideals. It is ironic that these sworn enemies are cut from the same cloth.

There is NO excuse for the organizers of this protest to have allowed this garbage to participate. There is NO reason for ANY American to support Nazi saluting idiots. 

An idiot participating at the protest

Wednesday, August 9, 2017


Henry Kissinger is a nasty little man, that has indirectly caused the death of millions of people over the past 45 years. His name will remain in infamy for his actions in Southeast Asia, Cyprus, the Balkans, the Middle East, and as a member of the Global Elite that was enthusiastic in bringing about the Third World War.

If we have kept up with the news, we should be aware of certain things. 
The terrorist group ISIS, or Daesh, was created in order to destabilize the Shiite Muslim governments in Iraq, Syria, and elsewhere. ISIS has been openly supported by the Sunni Muslim governments of the Middle East, such as Turkey, Yemen, and Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia has been one of it's strongest supporters. The Saudis have also supported AlQaeda and other terrorist groups that have been opposed to Shiite Muslims in Iran, Iraq, Syria, and elsewhere.
The US has gotten involved in what looks to be a Muslim civil war. 

Thursday, July 27, 2017




Socialism ruins nations, impoverishes people, and corrupts societies. Only the Elite have anything to gain in a Socialist-Marxist society 

People are protesting the government's failed food distribution scheme. People are looting supermarkets, only to find them empty. The government has made a plea to the UN for emergency shipments of medicine. Everything is in short supply because of government mismanagement. From the very beginning of his administration the late dictator Hugo Chavez began planting the seeds of an economic meltdown, and his plan has been continued by his bungling and incompetent successor Nicolas Maduro. 


Even after all this chaos, misery, pain and suffering, the Socialist disaster in Venezuela continues to have strong support from misguided celebrities, including economist Joseph Stiglitz. All they can see are the well intentioned social programs and wealth redistribution. They refuse to understand how those well intentioned, but ultimately futile Socialist ideas have wrecked the country. Those same celebrities would readily support a similar sort of "Socialism" to be implemented in the United States, and they found the perfect representative in Bernie Sanders

At some point, people must realize that Marxism and all the ideas the it generated: Socialism, Communism, Fascism, and European style "Democrat Socialism", are ideas that have failed every time they've been tried. No matter how many times history has proven this point, misguided people will continue to live in their own fantasy. However, it appears that Venezuelans have learned bitter truth in the hardest way possible. Next time you, or someone you know, thinks a little Socialism is a good thing make sure you read this article again. 



Wednesday, July 26, 2017


Lana Del Rey has decided to stop flying the American flag at her shows, because Trump is in office and that makes her feel uncomfortable. 
What a bunch of bullcrap.  Never disrespect the flag or the nation it represents. 
A person's loyalty is to the nation, the Constitution, and the people of the nation. No one is required to swear an oath of loyalty to Trump or any other elected official. This is a Republic, not a Monarchy or a dictatorship. No president deserves an oath of loyalty.
I will continue to fly the flag and honor my country; regardless of the worthless celebrities out there.

Monday, July 24, 2017


On July 14, 2017 CNN featured a very disturbing article on its website, "Visa offers restaurants $10,000...if they stop accepting cash". For anyone familiar with economic theory and history, this is a terrifying development, but not completely unexpected. What the Establishment is really worried about is bank liquidity if the economy begins to sour. I have mentioned this before in a previous article, and nothing has changed since that time. Everyone should prepare themselves for the coming economic turbulence by getting away from Wall Street, and putting their money into physical assets.
Billionaire investor James Rickards, whom I have previously quoted in my articles, wrote a correctly named article  "The Elites Are Privately Warning About a Crash". Unfortunately, the geniuses at the Federal Reserve with their infinite wisdom, have created the perfect Doomsday scenario. As the author points out, the pace of currency production is not sustainable, nor was it ever. Over the past few decades the Federal Reserve has flooded the market with paper money, and cheap credit which acts the same as paper money. They have devalued the currency, so prices appear to be constantly rising; however, the truth is that they have impoverished the poor and middle class by reducing the buying power of our money.  

Columnist David Stockman also writes about the frightening economic future in his article "The "Chuck Prince Market" Redux — Only More Dangerous". This author focuses on the same issue from a slightly different perspective; however, the results are the same. Massive injections of new currency, and private and public debt that has surpassed $100 Trillion, will cause the economy to ultimately crash.