Saturday, January 20, 2018


The government has closed down, pending a budget agreement. SO WHAT? This does not have a real affect on the public. In previous decades, the government would be shutdown on a frequent basis. Nobody ever noticed until it became something for the media to salivate over.

A random perusal of the mainstream press will find any number of media "experts" declaring the end of the world has arrived. These experts discuss doomsday scenarios, which will never occur, while keeping a straight face and serious expression. The more creative and nonsensical the fantasy, the higher the ratings.

Two things will happen, before this government shutdown is finished. Congress will pass a budget of some sort, and government employees WILL get paid for the hours they lost during the shutdown. In the end, life will continue as it always has.

Monday, January 15, 2018


How is anyone supposed to know what is really going on, if people can bend, stretch, or completely fabricate the things that go on behind closed doors? Would Trump describe third world nations as "shitholes"?  Perhaps, he would. I believe he is arrogant enough to use such a vulgar term for entire societies. However, I believe in giving people the benefit of doubt, in case they are being unjustly accused, and Senator Richard Durbin has a rather sordid history of his own.
Other Senators that attended that meeting have claimed that Trump did NOT use such terminology. Of course, CNN quickly dismissed those Senators as having questionable or ulterior motives.

The truth is that it is unwise to trust any politician, including Trump. Politics is all about compromise, and an effective politician will sell his (or her) own mother in order to get what they want. This is nothing new, politicians have been crooked since the beginning of time. This recent scandal of who said what, and which countries are "shitholes", will soon be forgotten in favor of the next big story.

Monday, December 25, 2017


Merry Christmas
Καλά Χριστούγεννα
Feliz Navidad
buon Natale
joyeux Noël
feliz Natal
Craciun Fericit
счастливого Рождества
Gëzuar Krishtlindjet
메리 크리스마스

Tuesday, December 12, 2017


The traditional American place the shop, the local mall, is quickly becoming a thing of the past. Online shopping, and discount giants such as Walmart, have made enormous progress in taking business from traditional brick-and-mortar retail outlets. This Christmas season is witnessing countless more retail chains filing for bankruptcy.

The conventional wisdom from industry insiders is to blame Internet sales and discount outlets; however, there may be a more serious problem than most realize. The US economy is in a giant inflation bubble that has affected every aspect of our lives: from shopping patterns, to the way we pay for medicine and higher education. Middle class wages have not kept pace with the rate of increase in the cost of living over the past 30 years. There is ample evidence that good paying jobs are difficult to find for most Americans. This is one major part of the reason people are beginning to shy away from expensive mall retailers in favor of discounters, the prices are simply too high for most consumers.

If we look at average rental costs in a mid-sized town such as Fredericksburg, Virginia, we can see how even successful mom and pop businesses are closing due to exorbitant rents. The owner of the former Blackstone Coffee shop in Eagle's Village confided to friends that the rent on his small location had risen to over $10,000 a month, at which point he closed that location. The business had been successful, it was very popular with consumers, and was always busy. However, we must consider how much the business would have to charge per cup of coffee just to keep up with the rising costs associated with running the business.

If one little coffee shop was facing rent of over $10,000 per month, it is difficult to imagine how much a giant sized mall anchor store such as Macy's is paying per month. Add in other rising prices, such as: insurance, utilities, labor costs, etc. and it becomes impossible for mall retailers to lower their prices in order to remain competitive with online retailers that are not burdened by the same costs.

Thursday, December 7, 2017



Why does anybody in their right mind continue to honor this drugged up maniac, that killed his girlfriend? He did nothing in his life but cause trouble for everybody around him.

What did he do in his life? Shot up a lot of dope, sang a few songs, killed his girlfriend, and died of an overdose at age 21.

What did he contribute to society? Zero.

How much did he cost society? Plenty. He was a burden to society. The police had to constantly chase him around: the murder charge, and charges of assault and other violent acts.

With hindsight being 20/20, he should be remembered with infamy, as being nothing more than a piece of filth.

Monday, November 27, 2017


There is an economic phenomenon called "inflation". 
This picture is the perfect representation of what happens when inflation is allowed to grow out of control over a period of several decades. The cost of living rises so high that people are unable to afford life's necessities.