Thursday, May 11, 2017


I did not want to get into this political quagmire of President Trump and his decision to fire FBI Director Comey; there are several more important topics that can be discussed. But, everyone is all excited about it, as if their lives depended on the shenanigans that happen inside the Beltway. So, I am going to review the relevant facts, and then provide an analysis of the situation. I hope you will understand if a I take a rather lighthearted approach to this matter.

First and foremost, the President of the US has the absolute authority fire the Director of  the FBI, the CIA, the NSA, or any other individual serving in such a capacity. They serve at the pleasure of the President, it's his administration so he can run it the way he wants. Beyond that, there is nothing more to discuss about the legality of the situation.

Director Comey had it coming to him for a variety of reasons. He botched the investigation into the various misdeeds Hillary Clinton was accused of having committed. As an investigator, it was not appropriate for him to discuss an ongoing investigation, nor was it acceptable to turn it into a source of public entertainment. And it was certainly inappropriate for him to describe Hillary as an incompetent idiot during the election; regardless of how much I agreed with him. Besides all of that, in his recent appearance before Congress, he once again proved that he did not know when to keep quiet. He stated in a public forum that he was investigating his boss, and that is never a wise decision.

The Democrat party loyalists, and progressives of every stripe, began calling for Comey's removal from office as soon as he spoke out against Hillary. There was an undertone of real anger at the thought that his carelessness may have cost Hillary the election, and that was an offense for which they were willing to riot and burn down entire cities. As a matter of fact, the progressives and Democrat party hacks did engage in rioting, looting, and arson in several cities across the country.  However, when Trump fired Comey, all the progressives and Democrats that had been calling for his head, suddenly accused Trump of doing something wrong. With all the back and forth and indecisiveness, I'm surprised the Democrats in Congress have not given themselves whiplash.

Comey may be a nice guy, with intelligence and charisma and every other sort of good characteristic and qualification; but he did not know when to shut his big mouth. On the other hand, Trump has not exactly covered himself in glory, and he certainly loves to make big, broad statements.

On a personal note, I don't really care one way or another as to the outcome of this fiasco. Life will go, I will go to work tomorrow, the bills will come in the mail, and it will continue to rain.

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