Wednesday, February 1, 2017


Let’s examine President Trump’s immigration ban, with reason and logic. Unfortunately, too many people have allowed emotions, hope, anger, and political hysteria, to guide their opinions.  At this blog, I always try to determine the Truth, even if nobody likes it; therefore, this analysis it guaranteed to make everybody unhappy. Let’s first list the known facts, before we begin analyzing and speculating.

First, this temporary suspension of immigration is perfectly legal. There is no question about its legality; the Courts will side with Trump. There is all sort of garbage being printed on the Internet and in the mainstream media; but it’s just that: garbage.

Second, several previous presidents, including Obama and Clinton, have implemented the same kind of immigration suspension. Nobody cared or protested then, why should they care now? Most of the noise and protest seems to be politically motivated, and is being spread by the same folks that voted for the other candidate in the recent election. Therefore, the protesting can be viewed as irrelevant.

Third, the countries being blocked have Muslim majorities; but in several of the nations there is a definite Christian minority that is also affected. Many Christian families have been directly affected by the ban, so it’s incorrect to call this a “Muslim” ban, as many people are prone to do. Discrimination or racism does not appear to be the goal of the administration in this matter; regardless of how certain misinformed people wish to portray it.

Fourth, the ban affects the nations of: Iraq, Iran, Syria, Yemen, Sudan, Libya and Somalia. This list is rather short and peculiar; there are several other nations that should have been added in order to effectively block terrorists or fanatics from entering the US.

The ban is temporary in nature, covers very few nations, and ignores nations such as Saudi Arabia which provide the most material for terrorists groups. Like any sort of legal restriction, if someone wishes to violate the law they will find a way around it. Drugs have been illegal for many decades and the US government has spent billions of dollars in the fight to eradicate them; but they are still flowing into the US by enormous quantities. Terrorist groups spend a great deal of time and effort when studying a potential target; they look at every detail when planning an attack. Blocking groups is easier than blocking individuals, and most of the terrorist attacks on US and European soil have come from individuals acting alone.

I don’t believe this immigration ban will prove to be effective in accomplishing its stated goal of blocking terrorists. The countries targeted are too few, and generally speaking have limited ties to organized terrorist groups targeting the US. There are more effective ways in which the Trump Administration can fight terrorism and Muslim fanatics. In my opinion, this immigration ban will ultimately prove to be nothing more than a publicity stunt.

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